ShortPixel: Image Optimization on Autopilot

Lighter pages is one of the major website speed factors. And more often than not, major improvements can be made by simply optimizing images. Doing it manually can be a dreadful task if you have a lot of images so naturally there are tools to help you. There's a number of plugins that will optimize […]

How Website Speed Helps SEO and Sales

Everyone knows that today website speed can make or break your SERP rankings and sales. It can also affect what your potential customers think of your business. Let's face it - we have to keep up with our visitors' and search engines' expectations to stay at the top of the game. While there are numerous […]

GTMetrix: New Default Speed Metric

If you've been running tests on GTmetrix lately, you may have noticed that your site speed appears to be lower (while the number of HTTP requests higher) now than before. Is it? The answer is no. A short while ago GTmetrix changed their default speed metric. In the past GTmetrix measured how long it took […]

The secret to making Google love your site

If you want to boost your Google rankings or even get on the first page, then this may be the most important article you've ever read. Here's why. I'm going to share with you how my brand new site got on the page one of Google for several keywords in just 4 short months. And […]

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