The secret to making Google love your site

If you want to boost your Google rankings or even get on the first page, then this may be the most important article you've ever read. Here's why. I'm going to share with you how my brand new site got on the page one of Google for several keywords in just 4 short months. And how you can follow suit and quickly rank your site higher with hardly any effort at all.

But first, let me give you a little background. If you're one of around a thousand WP Speed Guru members, then you know who I am. If not, let me introduce myself. My name is Alexei Kutsko. I'm founder of WP Speed Guru and author of WordPress Speed Secrets Video Tutorial and Killer WordPress Speed Guide for Non-Techies. So as you probably guessed, I help turn slow WordPress sites into fast ones. I've been doing this for years and mostly getting business by word of mouth.

I started WP Speed Guru back in April so I could share my knowledge with other WordPress site owners and designers. You know how much work running your own site is. Especially when you're fortunate to have a steady stream of clients. So outside of optimizing my home page, I pretty much neglected SEO. I was at the bottom of page 3 from the get-go and had my hands full with all other "stuff".

A Welcomed Discovery

So in August I decided to take a few days off and finally "do the SEO thing". Imagine my amazement when I saw my site on the first page of Google already! At the very bottom. After implementing some of Miroslav Mišo Medurić's priceless advice (he's a real pro I was fortunate to meet on Facebook), the site started crawling up and is in the top half of page one now for my major keywords. I'm doing even better on Bing.

So how did this happen? How does a site with no aged domain, only a handful of backlinks (my gratitude goes out to my members) zooms past competitors and gets showered with Google love? And most importantly - how can YOU get the same love from search engines?

You've probably heard that "Content is King". While this is true, it seems there's a new king in town - Fast Content. Fast content will keep your visitors' eyeballs glued to your pages and make them return for more. And that's what Google wants — the only TRUE QUALITY signal. It's just common sense - people won't stay on a site that takes 5-6 or even 10 seconds to load. No matter the content. They figure "this is not a user-centric business". Google is user-centric and punishes sites that are not. Makes sense, doesn't it?

Are you missing out on this?

I'm getting a good amount of traffic from Google now. I also get traffic from referrals and Facebook (both organic and paid). But nothing compares to Google search traffic. It's mostly people with money in hand, looking to spend it on your product or service. This traffic gives you the lowest bounce rate and most page views. If you're missing out, it's probably time to do something about it.

I can't claim being an SEO expert by any stretch. And probably many factors need to be considered. But Joost De Valk (better known as Yoast) IS the WordPress SEO guru. In one of his recent videos he said "Being slow is no longer an option". It's very clear that mobile web explosion changed the game once and for good. And while speed had always been a huge factor in rankings, it looks to me like it's a LOT more important today than even a year ago. Stay slow and loose. Or get fast and win big. The choice is yours.

Getting your site super fast is very easy when you know exactly how. And my WordPress Speed Secrets videos will walk you through the steps A to Z. Heck, you can have a fast site 2 hours from now, no tech knowledge or paid tools required. If you know how to install a plugin and copy/paste, you can make your site blazing fast, period. Click on the link for more info about WordPress Speed Secrets Videos.

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