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Time is money on the web.
Fast sites make more.

If your site is fast like a superjet then get out of here, go play golf or som’n. But if it ain’t . . . then lemme tell ya – the folks won’t hang around and Google will frown upon ya. And you won’t sell much and won’t make much money. And that would suck, wouldn’t it?

WordPress speed secrets videos

How to get your wordpress blazing fast in no time flat, using nothing but free tools . . . even if you have zero technical knowledge and never done it before

My name is Alexei Kutsko. Maybe you’ve heard of me – I’m known for building and helping others build some of the fastest WordPress sites on the planet. And people ask me all the time how I do it and how I make slow sites blazing fast. So I’ve decided to share my secrets. But first let me explain where most people go wrong about speeding up WordPress sites.

Why “tips and tricks” you find online don’t work

When I built my first WordPress site almost 10 years ago . . . it was a slow one. So I looked for ways to speed it up. Image optimization, caching plugins, even switching hosts, the list goes on and on . . . These things helped some but . . . still my site was very, very far from being what’s called blazing fast. This was really frustrating! Maybe you’ve had a similar experience too.

I spent hundreds of hours online looking for new tricks until one day it dawned on me. There must be something that’s STOPPING my site from loading super fast. And that’s how I discovered the “bottlenecks” – the things that slow your site down even if you’re doing everything right. The key to having a lightning fast WordPress site is to find and remove these “bottlenecks”. And of course to use other speed boosting tools.

All of the problems I had seem laughable now . . . years and countless sites later. And you’ll feel the same way when you follow my method.

The fastest wordpress site ever built?

Here’s a WooCommerce site I built sometime last year. The home page had no images (it was a blog). But . . . the site had 27 plugins and WooCommerce. The site is long gone because it’s owner eventually took it offline. According to Pingdom this was the fastest site they ever tested as of then.

WordPress Website Optimized For Speed Use my techniques and your site will load in a blink of an eye too.

How you can learn my secrets

Many of us in the WordPress community like working on our sites ourselves. And that’s why I created a video tutorial called “WordPress Speed Secrets” and I’ll walk you step-by-step through my process. No tech speak here. Although I’m an engineer by education, I hate tutorials that almost require another degree to understand. So I use everyday language instead.

You’ll need no fancy paid tools either. All you need . . . is to watch me work on a slow site and do the same things to yours. If you know how to install a plugin and copy/paste you can make your site super fast in about 2 hours. A child could do this.

Finally, a proven way to speed up wordpress

There are 13 short videos in the tutorial. The total time is less than 2 hours. Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • Video #1: The first video is a case study showing just how fast your WordPress site can be (extremely fast when you know exactly what to do).

  • Video #2: In this video I show you how to find the “bottlenecks” that keep your site from loading crazy fast. And I show you the free tools that’ll find these “bottlenecks” for you in minutes.

  • Video #5: In this video I show you the most important tool that not only gives your site a tremendous speed boost but will also help protect it from “bad” traffic, spammers and hackers. And it’s FREE!

  • In videos #3 through #12 I show how to handle the “bottlenecks” one by one. The whole time I’m working on a live demo site so you can follow my lead and take care of your site one step at a time.

  • Finally, in video #13 I run some final tests on the demo site (and by the way it’s a WooCommerce site) and it loads in under 200ms right before your eyes. Will yours load as fast? It depends. An average result that my members have been getting is between 1 and 2 seconds which put them in the top 10% on the web.

Proof that wordpress speed secrets videos will work for you

WordPress Speed Optimization Service Tutorial Proof

Who this is not for

If your site isn’t built with WordPress, this tutorial isn’t for you, sorry. But if it is, then you can have a blazing fast site 2 hours from now. Or take your time and do it over the next couple of days. Each step you take will make your site faster right before your eyes.

Get access now and save 40%

The access is $49 for 1 year. That includes new Members Only content so you stay updated. And right now (for a very short time) you can get in for only $29 if you help me spread the word and share this page.

So . . . if you want higher rankings and higher conversions, then go ahead and press the button – you will find the discount code on the next page.

Wordpress Speed Secrets Reviews

I don’t know the exact number but my tutorial has been already successfully used on over a thousand sites all over the world. Here’s what some of the site owners and designers have to say.

Alexei Is so helpful, his walkthrough videos are easy to follow and it is simple to implement the advice he gives.
Using the videos will not only speed up your wordpress site but also teach you a few new things that will make you feel more confident editing your website!
Alexei has even been so kind as to help me over chat on Facebook. when you get on ...

I am truly lucky to have met Alexei. After watching his videos and applying what he suggested to all of the sites I develop, they have decreased the load time significantly. He is definitely the guy to go to for speed issues and he definitely knows what he is doing.

He is an all around great guy to work with and he will let you know exactly what ...

Extremely easy to follow video tutorials make it easy for a non tech “creative” to be able to speed up my photography site getting almost perfect scores on all the testing sites. I have noticed a decent jump in my site’s position on Google and of course with the quick loading times my viewers will stay longer on my site!

Will Pursell

The tutorials are really easy to follow and you can see your website speeding up after each step.

Alexei is always ready to help and I guess he always answers as quickly as he can.

Speed up your website with WP SPEED GURU !


Alexei absolutely killed it - almost doubling the speed on our heavy, database-intense video game site. He was on the ball, very responsive, and helped me understand the different things he was doing to optimize WordPress. Would definitely use WP Speed Guru again, and again, and again!

Naturally, I was skeptical at first...but Alexei's tutorial is top-notch. Concise, easy to follow, and extremely actionable. If you want to speed up your WordPress website with easy to follow instructions, you need to take his course!

Alexei makes speeding up your website simple to understand and easier to do than I imagined it would be. And it is money well spent for great results in my opinion.

Marty Cohen

WP Speed Guru tips got my website so much faster! Super worthy, try it out now!

Fabio Fava

I found WP Speed Guru very helpful. The videos and the tips have helped me to optimize and increase the speed of my website. On top of that, Alexei was available online and he has answered many questions about website speed. Highly recommended.

Hello English

Through both his comprehensive video tutorials and one to one advice, Alexei has provided me with some of the clearest and most actionable instruction on improving the speed of my WordPress sites, and achieving load speeds I didn't think were possible!

WP Speed Guru Review by Henry Roberts

The very easy to follow tutorials from WP Speed Guru took my clients slow sites from scoring sluggish 60's on speed tests to zippy 90+ that really made a difference to the customer experience.

The education from the videos made massive speed and performance improvements even on sites hosted with budget priced hosts.

I can't recommend this enough!

Absolutely the most helpful service I've signed up for. Not only are Alexei's videos very easy for a non-developer to follow, but he has been tremendously responsive to my email questions. I'm so glad I made this small investment. Well worth it!

Why speed is money in the bank

To make money online you need higher than competitors’ rankings and higher conversions. And you probably already know that . . .

Fast sites rank much higher than slow ones

Yes, it’s 100% true and here’s what Google has to say about that:

“You may have heard that here at Google we’re obsessed with speed, in our products and on the web. As part of that effort, today we’re including a new signal in our search ranking algorithms: site speed.”Google
This was said way back in 2011. And today high speed is absolutely crucial because of the mobile web. Today Google rewards fast sites by ranking them high like never before. And punishes slow ones.

Fast sites enjoy high conversions. slow sites don’t

I have no doubt you’ve heard this before. Let’s see what a real authority on the subject, Web Performance Today, is telling us.
“Firefox reduced average load time by 2.2 seconds and increased downloads by 15.4%. AutoAnything.com cut load times in half, which resulted in a 9% conversion rate increase, 11% cart size increase and 13% overall sales increase.”Web Performance Today
Nuff said. We’ve all been to slow sites. You and I know how they make us feel and that’s why …

slow sites get bad word-of-mouth

Negative advertising can do a tremendous amount of harm. An unhappy customer will tell everyone about their bad experience. And the latest research by KISSmetrics proves it beyond any doubt.
“According to surveys done by Akamai and Gomez.com, nearly half of web users expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less, and they tend to abandon a site that isn’t loaded within 3 seconds. 79% of web shoppers who have trouble with web site performance say they won’t return to the site to buy again and around 44% of them would tell a friend if they had a poor experience shopping online.”KISSmetrics
Now we know why Yoast says “Being slow is no longer an option”. And now there is an easy way to speed up your WordPress site without spending weeks online, without endless trial and error and without splurging hundreds. Do you deserve higher rankings and conversions?