WP Speedworks

This is my signature done-for-you service. I will  optimize everything that needs attention to make your site as fast or even faster than the ones you can see in my Showcase.

Your site will stay online through the process, there will be no downtime. 

And after I’m done, you’ll have access to my expertise for a whole full year in case you decide to make changes in the future. 

I do not optimize images because some sites have a few and some many, and my fee is flat. But I will show you how to do it right -- 9 out of 10 times it can be done on autopilot. 

Every now and then I run into a site that needs minor changes on your end to make it super fast while keeping its functionality. I prefer discussing these things with you beforehand. And that’s why I ask that you first submit your site’s URL so I can analyze it. There is no charge for evaluation. And no obligation to buy. 

The price of this service package is $349.

So, please go ahead and fill out the form. I’ll run some tests and get back to you with my findings shortly.

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