Free CDN with CloudFlare

AContent Delivery Network (CDN) will give your site a great speed boost by serving your static files from the closest to your visitor location and taking load off of your server. In this video I’ll show you how to set up a free CDN with CloudFlare.

Important info for Cornerstone users
Please replace the old page rule **?cornerstone=1 with **?cornerstone*
May 2017 Update for users of X5 and Pro themes by Themeco
Please replace the above Page Rule URL with **

Under Settings below, choose Rocket Loader Off or Disable Performance, Caching Level – Bypass.

This Page Rule is designed to turn off Rocket Loader when Cornerstone page builder is in use, as the two don’t play nice together.

Please also keep CloudFlare JS and CSS minification off under Speed to avoid potential theme conflicts.