Speed Up WordPress: Removing Unneeded Redirects

When working on clients’ sites, I often see that many use www.domain.com for WordPress Address and Site Address (you’ll find these settings in your WP Admin Dashboard under Settings > General). However, most people never type in www when visiting our sites. And if that’s the case, then they get redirected from domain.com (called "root" […]

Why embedded videos slow your site down and how to fix this

When you embed a YouTube or any other 3rd party video, your visitor's browser will need to make a number of extra requests to render your page. With YouTube, the average number of requests is 4, 3 for three different resolutions and 1 for the still image used as a video cover. It gets even […]

Speed up WordPress: How to make your site load faster by self-hosting fonts

Update: Since the time this article was first written, Google Fonts interface has changed and the gauge described below is nowhere to be found. I'm a typography junkie. Not that I'm any good at it. But I can sure appreciate excellent typography when I see it. The right typography creates the right "selling atmosphere" for […]

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