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Hi and welcome! 

Alexei Kutsko here, Founder of WP Speed Guru. 

Would you like to receive $25 for every person you refer to this site who becomes a paying member? How about an extra $25 for each referral who renewed their membership a year down the road and thereafter? 

If that sounds good to you, please join the Affiliate Program and start earning referral fees right away. This program was designed to promote WordPress Speed Secrets membership. But. . . not everyone wants or has time to work on their site themselves. Some people will purchase a service instead. You still get $25 for each and every order. 

There are several ways you can refer people. In the affiliate area you'll find banners, including some small and subtle, yet eye-catching animated ones. You can use these on your site or blog. 

Or, you could write a post (or several) about how important site speed is for SEO and conversions and use your affiliate links to refer your readers here. 

To sign up, please press the button below and you'll be taken to the registration page. Once approved, you can log into your account and start earning referral fees. Please feel free to email me if you have questions. 

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